Nervous Shakes
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Nervous Shakes live

Nervous Shakes are the real thing. Genuine social misfits with a message of liberation

Ivan Retroff: Vocals & harmonica; James Neligan: Guitar & vocals; Bruno Van G: Bass; Philippe Felix on drums because “Underdogs make the best rock’n’roll”
The unlikely setting of Brussels in the early 2000s saw the formation of Nervous Shakes through a meeting of two like minds with a mutual love of all things fast, hard and true. Ivan “Retroff” Andreini & James Neligan are the mainstays of Nervous Shakes – a two-pronged, four-fisted frontman/guitarist tag team in the unholy tradition of Jagger/Richards, Johansen/Thunders or Pop/Williamson.

With a revolving rhythm section down the years since, they’ve been bringing the real nitty gritty to discerning rock’n’roll-starved audiences. Nervous Shakes’ self-released CD album (“Separate Beds? I Don’t Think So” on Nun Records) saw the light of day in 2004, securing positive reviews and airplay across the globe and getting the band on the road throughout France, Belgium and Germany. Berlin, Paris, Marseille, Köln, Solingen, Antwerp and Wommelgem heard the call. New friends were made, some old ones disappeared and finally, a shiny black two-sided 45 RPM record emerged in 2011 on Panique Records, brainchild of world-famous cartoonists Panique au village. More concerts and rave reviews followed.

Now aged to perfection the group is finally ready for that long-awaited second coming! A follow-up album was scheduled for 2016. But is now set for 2021. Hey, shit happens.

In this alienating hyper-consumerist age of vulture capitalist legacy tours, and the ever-encroaching sanitized conformity of the mainstream, Nervous Shakes are the real thing. Genuine social misfits with a message of liberation. Talented poet warriors versed in all the best delinquent sounds of the last 60 years: greaser rockabilly, garage psych, R&B, surf, blues, cowpunk, glam rock & New Wave.


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